If you have ever watched a good pole dancer in action and thought ” I could do that!” you have come to the right place.

Whether you already have a pole installed in your home, or if you are a complete beginner pole dancer, our aim is to find the best pole dancing poles on the market and give you the information you need to pick the right home pole for you.

No matter what age, sex or level of fitness you have you can get started pole dancing in the comfort of your own home today.

We will bring you up to date news and information about the best poles, pole dancing dvds, pole dancing clothing and shoes to help you get started or improve your pole dancing ability today.

Our Top Rated Pole Dancing Poles

Best for intermediate to advanced

The XPole XPert is the new Professional pole from X-Pole. Featuring bottom loading, totally smooth pole sections transitions, and spinning or static modes this pole really does have it all. It is our reccomended pole for Intermediate to advanced pole dancers (or even beginners who know they will not need to upgrade their pole later on!)

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Best for beginner to intermediate

The XPole sport comes in at a cheaper prices than the original X-Pole but doesn’t sacrifice on quality. This static pole is bottom loading so is easy to put up without balancing on a ladder, and is smooth from top to bottom because of the new X-Joint technology.

This pole really gives everything you need to get started or improve your pole dancing skills.

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