Some people don’t feel secure on a completely portable pole ( although the X-Pole is possibly the sturdiest pole available!) yet don’t want to have a permanently fixed pole. The My Sexy Little Pole covers this preference perfectly. It has a screw in ceiling plate for extra stability but the pole itself can be dismantled and stores away.

In fact, my first pole was a My Sexy Little Pole.  I learned to climb and do the vampire on mine, but soon upgraded to an X-Pole when I moved onto more advanced moves.  I think the My Sexy Little Pole is perfect for pole dancers who aren’t quite beginners, but are not ready for the more challenging moves yet.

The free DVD is aimed towards beginners, and those who want to have the girls round for a laugh (with its costume and makeup tips etc.)

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My Sexy Little Pole is a professional edition stripper pole made out of stainless steel, that is strong, safe and durable! The pole installs and can be put away in minutes.

The pole slots together in 3 pieces, and has a rubber tipped base plate to ensure it doesn’t slip, and a screw in ceiling plate for stability.

The instructional DVD is taught by Kate and Symone, and they are professional pole dancing instructors. They will teach pole dancing moves and routines in a step-by-step methodology, as taught during a 4 week course!

You will learn an introduction to beginner and advanced routines, detailed pole dancing isolation moves, important warm up tips and techniques, detailed dance tips, techniques and diagrams, and dance routines. You will also learn great make-up, dress and costume tips, and etiquette!

They will also cover seduction by showing you sexy and seductive pole dancing moves, increasing self confidence, improve your body image, and it brings the romance back into the home.

It is also a great fitness workout. It improves tone and body shaping, increases your flexibility, aerobic cardio strengthening, and it strengthens and tightens the tummy, back and butt!

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Key Information

Make sure you screw the ceiling plate into a joist.

Supports weights up to 200lbs.

Portability: Pole can be removed, ceiling plate stays screwed in
Coating: Stainless Steel
Fits Ceiling heights: 7′ 5″ – 8′ 5″ (226 cm – 256 cm)
Does it spin?: NO
Supports trick level: Intermediate (climbs, holds, basic inverts)
Free DVD?: YES, pole moves + assembly instructions

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