When you invest in a dancing pole, one of the considerations you make is whether to have a freestanding,fixed or removable pole. There are plenty of poles on the market to suit the different needs you may have but you may be wondering what the best removable pole is.

The gold standard in totally removable poles is the Xpole Xpert. The wide dome at the top of the pole spreads the pressure evenly across your ceiling joists so that it doesn’t leave a mark. This is perfect for you if you have guests over or rent and don’t want to leave signs of pole dancing around.

There is no need to screw anything into the ceiling or floor with this pole as it works via tension to keep it in place and you safe. You can use it to invert or spin safely without worrying about it coming crashing down on you like with cheaper poles. It really is worth the investment if you are serious about pole dancing.

You remove the Xpole Xpert easily by winding down an adjuster thread at the bottom of the pole and taking the pieces apart. It stores in a handy carry case so you can store it away somewhere safe.

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Not all removable dance poles are created equal. We really don’t recommend the Peekaboo pole for example, unless you want a cheap pole to pose around. Many people have had this pole fall down on them when attempting basic spins.


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