X-Pole is renowned for making popular high quality poles. In the last few months X-Pole have taken customer feedback and developed a new range of poles to suit different tastes.  One issue customers had was difficult in using the heavy ceiling plate.

The X-Pole sport solves this problem by using a bottom loading mechanism. This means no more balancing on the top of a ladder trying to position the ceiling plate! Whats even better is that the X-Pole sport is even cheaper than the original X-Pole. Read on to see our X-Pole sport review.


Developed with beginner pole dancers in mind, whilst also being suitable for Professionals, the SPORT is extremely sturdy as well being easy to install and use.

Incorporating the revolutionary new X-Joint, assembly and installation of the SPORT very quick, enhanced even further by its bottom tightening adjuster (bottom loading) which means no ladders are required for installation.

With features and technology far in advance of many more expensive poles the SPORT is the perfect starting point for any newcomer to pole dancing.

The key features of the X-Pole Sport are:

  1. Smooth pole from top to bottom (you simply cannot feel the transitions between the pole sections)
  2. Even easier to assemble (bottom loading action)
  3. Includes carry case for complete portability
  4. Manufactured by the leading pole company X-Pole

Key Information

The X-Pole sport has a 50mm diameter, the industry standard.

As with any pole make sure you place the pole underneath a ceiling joist.

Portability: Fully removable with carry case
Coating: Chrome
Ceiling Heights:: 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745 (9′) extensions available
Does it spin?: NO
Advanced tricks: YES (flips, inverts etc.)
Free DVD?: NO (instruction manual included)

Where can I buy it?

Retailer Price Delivery Link
sexshop365.co.uk £149.99 Free Click Here